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UV Light Disinfection is Safe?

One of the most common questions we get about UV light disinfection is, “Is it safe to use?” People tend to associate UV exposure with risks such as sunburn, but the key thing to understand is that UV light is safe if used properly.Our systems have safety systems built in to ensure the product will only turn on when the room is unoccupied. UV light is less likely to cause harm than the harsh chemicals in cleaning products if you take the appropriate precautions.

How does Spartan UV sterilizer disinfect viruses and bacteria?

Spartan UV sterilizer has a UVC-band ultraviolet lamp, with a very high frequency. The wavelength of 253.7nm is capable of damaging the DNA/ RNA code of the viruses & bacteria, triggering lethal mutation which prevents them from reproducing.

Can we disinfect our hands With UV?

No, you cannot disinfect any body parts by using UV sterilizer or any UV light. We recommend alcohol based liquid sanitizers and/or washing body parts with soap & water.

What are the precautions to keep in mind while using Spartan UV Sterilizer?

Spartan UV sterilizer is designed keeping all safety precautions in mind. One should avoid direct contact of any body part with the UVC light or directly looking into the UVC tube.

How much time does it take to sterilize products?

Based on the model, sterilization takes anywhere between 1-10 mins. Care should be taken while following the steps mentioned in the user manual. www.spartanuvsafe.com www.spartanuvsafe.com

What objects can be sanitized in Spartan UV Sterilizer?

Fabric, Paper, currency, Food, floor, electronics, all types of house hold can be sterilized in Spartan UV sanitizer.

Can medicines be sanitized using Spartan UV Sterilizer?

No, medicines cannot be sanitized using Spartan UV sanitizer.

Can batteries be sanitized using Spartan UV Sterilizer?

No. We do not recommend exposing batteries directly to UV light. Though, gadgets with internal batteries can be sanitized.

Does the product offer safety in human exposure from UV light?

Spartan UV Cabinet sterilizer / UV Oven sterilizer / UV Box sterilizer / UV Trolley sterilizer has a superior leakage proof housing. It also has an auto cut - off switch safeguarding users from accidental opening of the UV Case doors.

What are the advantages of Spartan UV Case?

Consistent product quality, wide range of product gives complete solution for all type of applications. Most advance technology and various safety features, Products manufactured in complete adherence to test parameters & applicable standards. UVC tube with short wave UVC radiation (peak at 253.7 nm) sources from reputed manufacturer Durable and ergonomically designed product Certified by CSIR (ICMR approved laboratory) CE certified www.spartanuvsafe.com

The UV sanitization Oven and Blaster incorporates certain safety measures for use by humans, which measures are detailed in the various safety instructions mentioned in the user manual. Auto cut off feature is provided to avoid accidental UV-C radiation exposure for the user, an auto cut - off switch safeguarding users from accidental opening.

Is UV sanitization Oven and Blaster safe for home use?

www.spartanuvsafe.com Frequently Asked Questions www.spartanuvsafe.com The UV-C Disinfection system contains no user serviceable parts and for service-related query please contact authorized Spartan service team.

Which part of the items will be disinfected?

The surfaces of object receiving UV-C light will be disinfected, UV-C Disinfection system has special coating inside which helps UV-C radiation to get re-ected from the walls of the product.

Do we need to evacuate the room while using the system?

For Spartan Sterilization inside box, oven or cabinet No need to evacuate room These products are fitted with special glass door which blocks and contains UV-C radiation within the UV-C Disinfection chamber, keeping UV-C radiation in safer limits and thus there is no need to evacuate the room while using above mentioned product. However while using Spartan UV iRobot, UV Blaster need to evacuate room.

Can water be purified using UV-C Disinfection system?

The device is effective for surface disinfection of objects and not for treating drinking water. 15. Can the UV Oven sterilizer disinfect my mobile/electronic items? Yes, the system can be used to disinfect electronic items like mobile, laptop, iPad/ tablet, etc.

How can I service the UV-C sanitization product system?  Why Choose Spartan?

Spartan is in existence since last 50 years in the field of Engineering. Spartan is an ISO and CE certified company Spartan has 10 regional offices across India Spartan has more than 200 Sales & Service staff across India Spartan is the most reliable and trusted brand in the field of Construction Equipment Spartan has won more than 30 national & international awards for manufacturing & excellence Spartan has an inhouse full fledge manufacturing facility of more than 5 acres Spartan has an inhouse Research & Design department with more than 30 professionals, well equipped with latest design software & systems. www.spartanuvsafe.com 

Can the UV sterilization Oven be used for disinfecting packed frozen food like Ice-cream?

Yes, the system does not heat the object being disinfected, it can disinfect packed items in matter of minutes.

Is single placement of UV iRobot can disinfect all areas of a room as effectively?

Placing a UV iRobot in several locations increases the likelihood that all room surfaces are disinfected. We recommend pair of UV iRobot should be used for room sanitization for effective sanitization in single shot.

Does Spartan UV emit Ozone or any other harmful gases?

Spartan UV products consist of ozone free safe high quality imported UV-C light. So it do not emit ozone or unsafe levels of VOCs

When should I replace lamp?

Spartan uses high quality imported UV-C lamp which has life of 9,000 hours of continuous use. Lamps can operate long after their useful life but at reduced intensity as the lamp filaments wear out over time.

How do I dispose off UV lamp?

UV lamps should be treated the same as fluorescent lamps and in accordance with local, state or federal regulations.

Will UV light degrade object in the room?

UV-C is a short wavelength light and does not penetrate most objects. Hospital room disinfection does not accumulate sufficient exposure time to cause any material degradation.

Dose the UV sterilization product produce any harmful chemicals or by-products?

No, however, there is a particular smell which is created due to the breakdown of volatile organic compounds found in the air.