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Spartan is a Mumbai based leading ISO 9001 2015 & CE certified manufacturer and supplier of high quality construction machineries and equipment. Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd was founded in the year 1971 and has forayed in to the field of manufacturing and supplying construction equipment in the year 2005. Since its four decades of existence in Engineering Industry, Spartan has become a leading Indian MNC in construction Equipment Manufacturing.

Exports to 10 countries worldwide, 7000 plus machines on site every year, 150 plus well trained engineers and technicians, 20 national & international awards, 4000 plus satisfied customers and many more such milestones make one globe, one player- Spartan.

Spartan has played a pivotal role in the development of nation by providing machineries to infrastructure projects. The projects range from roads, flyovers, bridges, buildings, houses to dams & tunnels.

At a time when microbes are threatening the very existence of mankind, creating an infection-free living environment has become a matter of serious concern.

Conventional sanitization techniques using toxic chemicals or gases provide only temporary reprieve and cannot destroy the viruses totally. Besides manual operation cannot guarantee complete disinfection and moisture in the surface can help fungi grow again. Moreover, excessive inhalation of chemicals can be hazardous to one’s health.

With a purpose to make this world a better and safe place to live in and to overcome these challenges of Liquid Sanitization, Spartan has ventured into manufacturing of UV Safe Sanitization Equipment. These UV C equipment disinfects 99.99% germs and assures complete safety of human, if operated as per the guidelines. Spartan has a range of UV C products designed by keeping various applications and industries in mind. These UV Safe Equipment can be used in almost 24 applications like hospitals, hotels & restaurant, buses, Pvt cars and cabs, railways and railway stations, airports & aero planes, malls, corporate offices, govt offices, salons & spas, homes, gymnasiums, temples & religious places, schools and colleges, multiplex, banks, courier supermarket, jewelry store,  clothing store,  medical shops and warehouse companies.

These equipment are manufactured and certified by India’s and World’s best testing organisations like CE, RoHS, FDA, DRDO, CSIR, ISO & NABL. These equipment are being manufactured under the initiative of Make in India. These modern equipment come with the best features like Insulated Shock Proof Body, Branded UV Lights for longer life, One touch operation, No leakage of UV Rays. It also comes with auto cut off sensors and are timer enabled.

Hence, if you care for your loved ones and yourself and want to secure your healthy future, choose Spartan’s UV Safe Sanitization Equipment.