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Spartan UV Blaster SUV 95B

Spartan UV Blaster SUV 95B
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How To Use

Spartan UV Blaster SUV 95B


USP / Benefits

  •  100% human safe operation thanks to 360˚ Motion sensor, It's off the light if anybody come across light during sanitization operation.
  • Inbuilt timer off the light after predefined sanitization period.
  • PP powder coating with a metallic black finish gives corrosion protection and a superior finish.
  • User-friendly Operation through wireless remote and auto cutoff timer.
  • High-quality UVC light with an average rated life of 9000 hours.
  • High-quality Spartan make light UVC light (SUV 190), Phillips makes UVC light (SUV 95B and SUV 55)
  • Wooden body enhances astatically and provides insulation as well. (for SUV 95B and SUV 55)


Model SUV 95B
Total Power 95 Watt
Number of light 1 Nos. High Intensity 95 Watt UV light.
Sourcing Lamp UV-C type ( UV Wavelength 254nm)
Sanitization area per Unit 100sq. feet
Sanitization period 30 Min
Input Power Single Phase 230V (50Hz)


Spartan UV Blaster 95 WATTS is Ideal for Home, Offices, Hospitals, Banks, Clinics, Hotels, Gyms, Salons, Spas etc. for sterilization of rooms. It is a Fully Automatic Remotely Controlled Sterilizer. UV-C Spectrum 254 nm is used for better Sterilization. Digital Timer is provided for auto cut off function. Sterilization period options given on the wireless remote control are 15, 30 & 60 minutes. You select the sterilization time through the wireless remote and the UV Blaster will turn ON. These equipment are manufactured and certified by India’s and World’s best testing organisations like CE, RoHS, FDA, DRDO, ISO & NABL. These equipment are being manufactured under the initiative of Make in India.


Super Fast Sterilization

Spartan UV blaster comes with high intensity 55 W, 95W & 190W light which sterilize bigger area in short time.


  • Powerful sterilization in short time
  • saving time


Wireless Remote With Timer

Wireless remote with sterilization time selection, makes operation easy and timer could be set being at safe distance with wireless remote.


  • Time saving
  • Safe operation
  • convenient


Human Safe

Most reliable motion sensor works in 360° direction detect human presence and OFF light immediately


  • Ensure 100% human safety


Warranty on UVC Light

Spartan UVC lights are most reliable, comes with 1 year warranty.


  • No uncertain expense
  • Peace of mind


UVC Light Protection

Light protection box provided to secure light inside box when not in use or carrying from once place to another.


  • Lights secure inside box
  • No chance of light damage while moving


Long UVC Rated Life

Spartan UVC light comes with 10000 hours rated life.


  • No need to replace light frequently
  • Constant output



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