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Spartan UV Box Sterilizer SUV 15 - Brown

Spartan UV Box Sterilizer SUV 15 - Brown
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Spartan UV Box Sterilizer SUV 15 - Brown


USP / Benefits

  • Most fastest sterilization box.
  • Made of Wooden body enhance astatic and provide insulation as well. (for SUV 15, SUV 30, SUV 50)
  • 100% human safe operation thanks to door auto cutoff switch.
  • Inbuilt timer off the light after predefined sanitization period. (for SUV 30, SUV 50)
  • High quality UVC light with average rated life of 9000 hours.
  • 360 ̊ light sanitize every potions of object kept inside.
  • Reflector provided inside the box which increase intensity and reach of the light. (for SUV 15, SUV 30, SUV 50)
  • High quality hinges and handles for smooth door opening/closing.
  • Adjustable stainless steel shelf to accommodated multiple and different size of objects. (for SUV 30, SUV 50)
  • Banded and reliable Phillips Make UVC Lights.


  SUV 15 - Brown
Total Power 22 watt
Number of light 2
Sourcing Lamp UV-C type ( UV Wavelength 254nm)
Size (mm) 300L x 300W x 300H
Sanitizatio n period 1min to 3min
Capacity 15 Liter
Input Power Single Phase 230V (50Hz)

Spartan UV Box can be used to sterilize at Homes/Retail/Offices conveniently within 1 to 3 minutes only. It kills 99.99% Germs when used for the recommended time. It can be used to disinfect a wide variety of products such as keys, hand bags, clutches, wallets, watches, rings, chains, combs, sunglasses, packaged foods, fruits & vegetables, milk packets, toys & bottles, instruments, currency notes, bill books, mobile phones, remotes, laptops, power banks etc. Special material used in the unit reflects light ensuring almost uniform 360 degree disinfection over the objects. Auto cut off of the UV Lamps if the door is opened while the unit is functioning making it safe for human use. Easy to use with pre-set modes of 1, 2 or 3 minutes. This equipment are manufactured and certified by India’s and World’s best testing organisations like CE, RoHS, FDA, DRDO, CSIR, ISO & NABL. This equipment are being manufactured under the initiative of Make in India.




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