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Spartan UV Shoe Sterilizer SUV 44

Spartan UV Shoe Sterilizer SUV 44
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How To Use

Spartan UV Shoe Sterilizer SUV 44


USP / Benefits

  • Most fastest sterilization.
  • 100% human safe operation.
  • Inbuilt sensor to auto on light when person is standing on sterilizer.
  • Inbuilt timer off the light after predefined sanitization period.
  • High quality UVC light with average rated life of 9000 hours.
  • Banded and reliable Phillips Make UVC Lights.
  • Metallic black PP powder coated longer life corrosion protection.


Model SUV 44
Total Power watt 
Number of light 11 watt – 4
Sourcing Lamp UV-C type ( UV Wavelength 254nm)
Size (mm) 450L x 450W x 170H
Sanitization period 15 Sec
Input Power Single Phase 230V (50Hz)


Studies proved that up to nine different species of bacteria were brought into healthcare facilities by the visiting public on the soles of their shoes and that bacteria living on our shoes live much longer and 90-95% of microbes are transferred to tile floors from shoes. While disinfectant chemicals such as bleach and peroxide will disinfect floors, they may also be harmful additions to the problem.

UV SHOE STERILIZER is automatic UV-C Lamp and Ultrasonic Sensor Based Foot or Shoe Sanitizing Machine. Just Stand on the machine for 15sec to ensure proper disinfecting. Four High Intensity UV-C Germicidal lamps are used to sterilize. Germicidal UV-C lamps have been certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria and virus within 10sec of exposure. Prolong exposure may harm eyes and skin. Don't look at the light while standing on the machine and avoid direct skin exposure. Plug and Play device powered by 230V 50Hz AC.


Made of SS mirror finish

Made of SS mirror finish enhance a static and protection against corrosion. 




Openable design with hinge

Open able design with hinge for maintenance and cleaning.





Ultrasonic sensor switch ON

Ultrasonic sensor switch ON light by detection of shoes




Auto operation

Auto operation, auto cut off after sterilization. & Heavy duty design can take load upto 200kg. User friendly and safe operation.






Audio and LED indication after sterilization completion





Branded and reliable UVC Lamp

Branded and reliable UVC Lamp with 9000hrs. Rated life.




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