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Spartan UV Ambulance Sterilizer SUV 95A

Spartan UV Ambulance Sterilizer SUV 95A
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How To Use

Spartan UV Ambulance Sterilizer: SUV 95A


USP / Benefits

  • 100% human safe operation thanks to 360˚ Motion sensor, It's off the light if anybody come across light during sanitization operation.
  • Inbuilt timer off the light after predefined sanitization period.
  • Easy mounting through 4 screw fastener at any type of room, office cabin, and conference meeting room and hall.
  • Timer selection through the wireless remote hence safe and easy operation.
  • PP powder coating with a metallic black finish gives corrosion protection and a superior finish.
  • User-friendly operation with wireless remote.
  • High quality UVC light with average rated life of 10000hours.


  SUV 95A
Total Power 95 Watt
Number of light 1 Nos. High Intensity 95 Watt UV light
Sourcing Lamp UV-C type ( UV Wavelength 254nm)
Sanitization area per Unit 50 Sq.ft. 100 sq. ft
Sanitization period 15Min SUV 95A
Input Power Single Phase 230V (50Hz)


This is used to sterilize all types of ambulances. It comes with motion sensor which ensures sterilization only when the ambulance is vacant. It goes off at the time of someone entering into the ambulance and pause the sterilization and restarts after the patient & passengers vacate the ambulance. High intensity 95 Watt light is provided for faster sterilization. Completely automated sterilization ensures the disinfection of every corner of the ambulance. It is highly economical, faster and effective than conventional liquid sterilization. This equipment are manufactured and certified by India’s and World’s best testing organizations like CE, RoHS, FDA, DRDO, ISO & NABL. This equipment are being manufactured under the initiative of Make in India.

High Quality Quartz

UV lamps are manufactured from high-quality quartz which permits over 90% of the UV energy generated to be transmitted through the lamp.



Spartan make UVC light

95 watt imported Spartan make UVC light which has 10,000 hours rated life. Spartan gives 1 year warranty on UVC light




Ultrasonic sensor detects

Ultrasonic sensor detects human presence and shut the UVC light immediately.




Pair of 95 Watt UVC Light

Pair of 95 Watt UVC Light to cover lager area




Auto operation

Auto Operation through programmed PCB






Inbuilt timer off the light after predefined sanitization period.




Easy mounting screw fastener

Easy mounting through screw fastener at any type of Bus / ambulance no need to make holes.




High intensity UVC light

High intensity UVC light kills 99.99% bacterial and viruses



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