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Spartan UV iRobot Sterilizer 570

Spartan UV iRobot Sterilizer 570
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Spartan UV iRobot Sterilizer 570


USP / Benefits

  • High quality and High intensity light hence large area coverage to deactivate viruses, bacteria, germs and Pathogens
  • 99.99% disinfection in short time compare to any device available in market
  • High quality friction hinges allow to adjust light at any angle.
  • 100% human safe operation thanks to 360 ̊ Motion sensor, Its off the light if anybody come across light during sanitization operation.
  • Light protection case protects light while carrying from one place to another place.
  • Light weight and compact design easy to lift entire unit could be carry at different floor through staircase.
  • User-friendly Operation through wireless remote and auto cutoff timer.
  • 360 ̊ rotation wheels gives balanced effortless easy movement.
  • Inuit flash warning light indicates warning when sterilization in process.
  • High quality UVC light with average rated life of 10000 hours.
  • SS (stainless steel) and PP(pure polyester) metallic finish powder coated body protects from corrosion and gives superior finish.


  SUV 570
Total Power 570 Watt
Number of light 6 Nos. High Intensity 95Watt UV light.
Sourcing Lamp UV-C type ( UV Wavelength 254nm)
Sanitization area per Trolley 150Sq.feet 250Sq.feet 400Sq.feet
Sanitization period 15Min 30Min 60Min
Input Power Single Phase 230V (50Hz)


The most efficient and time-saving method of disinfecting public spaces, devised to kill the pathogens including infection-causing Germs & bacteria and keeps the air-borne hazardous diseases at bay while sanitizing the surface properly. This device is suitable for all the public gathering places such as factories, restaurants, and sensitive areas like hospitals and laboratories. The Spartan's i Robot Sterilizer consists of a stainless-steel & PP metallic finish powder coated housing, a lamp body assembly, and electrical components. It is user-friendly and is constructed to be operated even in public places such as restaurants and hospitals without any complications. To avoid coming in contact with the UV rays even slightly the device comes with a user-friendly remote control with options ranging from start to stop and to set the timer. The UV lamp in the device starts working and quickly desensitizes the environment.


Super Fast Sterilization

Spartan i-robot comes with high intensity 6Nos. 95watt light. Means total 570watt  sterilize bigger area in short time.


  • Powerful sterilization in short time
  • saving time

360⁰ Sterilization

High intensity multiple lights in very direction gives 360° sterilization including ceiling and floor zero shadow.


  • Ensure sterilization of maximum surface in all direction


Flexible Arm

Flexible arm able to sterilize all type of objects from top and front.


  • Flexible arm reaches at every surface of objects


SS Body

SS main body and GI sheet PP powder coated control box gives superior finish and protection from corrosion.


  • Stainless steel and PP powder coated body keeps equipment corrosion free and gives superior finish


Wireless Remote With Timer

Wireless remote with sterilization time selection, makes operation easy and timer could be set being at safe distance with wireless remote.


  • Time saving
  • Safe operation
  • convenient

Human Safe

Most reliable motion sensor works in 360° direction detect human presence and OFF light immediately


  • Ensure 100% human safety


Warranty on UVC Light

Spartan UVC lights are most reliable, comes with 1 year warranty.


  • No uncertain expense
  • Peace of mind


Light Weight

Spartan i-Robot comes with slim high wattage tube light, hence less number of light give more power and device remain light weight. Easy to carry


  • Occupied less space
  • Easy To carry from one place to other space


UVC Light Protection

Light protection box provided to secure light inside box when not in use or carrying from once place to another.


  • Light arms could be fold and kept secure inside box
  • No chance of light damage while moving


Magnet Catch Door

All Boxes in i-robot comes with magnet catch door which is more convenient, and keep doors sturdy close no vibration or sound while moving


  • Easy and convenient for use
  • No door vibration or sound while moving


Separate Compartment For Power cable

Safe and convenient to use, no worry of cable misplace.


  • Safe and convenient
  • cable securely winded on the cable winding bracket


Long UVC Rated Life

Spartan UVC light comes with 16000 hours rated life.


  • No need to replace light frequently
  • Constant output


Concealed Wiring

No open wire, Concealed wiring inside box, make it safe and aesthetic.


  • Electrically safe and aesthetic


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